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A lifestyle of true sophistication is born through the vision of master architect Ricardo Bofill, founder of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, a Barcelona-based architecture firm. Setting new standards in simplicity, functionality and luxury, his designs have left a regal footprint around the world.

Noted for his signature design philosophy that embraces the “genius loci,” or the “spirit of the place”, Bofill produces a modern botanical refuge of 75 private residences at Alton Bay, encompassed by a stunning glass façade, reflecting Miami Beach’s distinct feel and its proximity to the ocean and Biscayne Bay.

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“The architect is content to geometrize nature, to express the hidden order of things. Creation needs to return to its source, and this is the essential challenge of our creation: to surpass nature, to give it order so as to defy time [and] chance.”

RICARDO BOFILL Master Architect
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the Architectural components of Alton Bay.

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1 The Eyebrows Urban horizontal sunshades. 2 Level Glass Elements Double height glass pilasters. 3 Balcony Triangles Unique interioe balcony niche. 4 Ceiling height Spacious open floorplans with 10-foot ceilings.